It’s a fantastic time to book a Seamaster yacht right now, with discount upon discount, resulting in fantastic deals available across the Mediterranean.

1. Dusseldorf Boat Show (with boat show discounts!) is on this week only

Touted as the world’s most important boat and water sports fair, the Dusseldorf Boat Show is on this week. To attract important bookings from this show, charter fleets offer fantastic deals on their boats for the period of the show. You can benefit from the specials too by booking now. 

2. Big early booking discounts are in play till the end of January

Every year, charter fleets look to encourage early bookings by offering early booking discounts on boats until the end of January.

With lots of people in the market but also a lot of boats, it’s a good time to take advantage of the charter fleet operator’s desire to get a big chunk of their availability confirmed early.

Hurry – early booking discounts end on the 31st of January.

3. There's mispriced boat offers still available!

The yachts in our portfolio are owned and operated by an array of different fleet managers who are responsible for their own pricing.

Because they price independently of each other, you will find that some boats are priced too high but also some priced too low!

Therefore, there are some fantastic deals to be had. Check out this example below of the same model boat available on the same date in Croatia. 

4. Flights are the best they will be - they'll only go up from here

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Unfortunately, we are all used to airfares only going one way and we are feeling this more acutely now as January tends to be the biggest month of the year for summer holiday bookings.

The more demand and the more bookings that are made, the higher the prices are. In short, book early for the best prices.

5. Sailed with Seamaster before? We've got some extra special gifts for you

If you’ve sailed with Seamaster before, we’ve got some extra special offers on the table for you right now.

If you’re already a Seamaster client, check out the special January offers we have for you here: Seamaster January booking loyalty offers.