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A Spotlight on Sailing the Kornati Islands: The Highlights 

The Kornatis are an intriguing group of islands, located in the stunning Adriatic Sea and by far the densest and largest of all the archipelagos. The Kornatis are composed of 300km of 140 uninhabited reefs, islets and islands. All the holm oaks and evergreens that used to adorn these isles were destroyed by fire long ago. Rather than making this a barren landscape, it has enhanced its beauty, drawing greater attention to the formations of rock and their white tones against the Adriatic Sea’s deep blue.

Any sailing holiday in Croatia will be even more memorable if they include a visit to the Kornati islands.

Incredible Historical Sites
The Kornati Islands have many sights that show a glimpse into their past. The Illyrian settlements are evidence of the Illyrian people inhabiting the islands. You can see many small single and grouped rectangular-shaped dwellings on Zut and Kornat.

Another stunning piece of historic architecture is the Tuerta Fortress. This dates to the Byzantine period and is thought to have been constructed on the island of Kornat during the 6thcentury. It’s believed to have been the military garrison controlling travel through the archipelago. This is the only monument of that time left.

Try Delicious Seafood and More
The Croatian cuisine in the Kornati Islands, an archipelago in the Adriatic Sea, reflects the region’s maritime influence and rich cultural heritage. Seafood takes centre stage, with fresh fish, octopus, and shellfish featured prominently in local dishes. Grilled fish, black risotto with cuttlefish ink, and brudet (fisherman’s stew) showcase the area’s gastronomic prowess. Olive oil, a Mediterranean staple, adds a distinctive flavour to salads and grilled dishes. Traditional pastries like fritule (doughnuts) and rozata (custard pudding) offer delightful sweet endings. Visitors can savour these culinary delights while enjoying the stunning coastal views and embracing the unique blend of flavours that define Croatian island cuisine.

Walking and Hiking
Like many of the islands around the Adriatic and off the coast of Croatia, the islands that make up the Kornati archipelago are ideal for interesting walks and hikes. There are two particularly educational trails, Vela Panitula and Trtusa that give you a chance to explore the geographical history of the islands. The great thing is that none of these trails are very difficult and suitable for just about everyone.

Dry Stone Walls
One of the most impressive attractions around the Kornati National Park area are the 330km of dry-stone walls around the islands. They were built on all the individual islands and were to stop sheep jumping from their owner’s pastures into others.

Kornati Crowns
The steep cliffs of the islands, named the Kornati Crowns, are typically found on the islands that face the harsh open sea. The highest by far stretches up to 82m above sea level and is located on Klobucar island, while the longest is around 1350m and found on Mana.

Diving in the Adriatic
If you’re a keen diver, there are seven diving zones around the Kornati islands waiting to be discovered. Beginners and experts will enjoy exploring the deep blue waters.

Croatia, Places

A Spotlight on Sailing the Kornati Islands: The Highlights

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