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Five Must-See Movie Destinations While Sailing In Greece

Five Must-See Movie Destinations While Sailing In Greece 

Sailing holidays in Greece are great for overindulging on delicious feta and mouth-watering moussaka. Yet, they are also an amazing opportunity to see many of Greece’s famous sights, including some of the sets for our favourite box-office hits. Here are five movies and their locations across Greece that should be on any nautical adventurer’s bucket list. And we promise – no spoilers!

Mamma Mia!

Did you sing it to yourself instead of reading it? We did too. Mamma Mia has become famous across the world for its musical brilliance, and for its stunning surroundings. Set in Skopelos in Skiathos, the directors really made the most of its crystal-clear waters and postcard-like architecture.

Bourne Identity

When Matt Damon meets his lover in a seaside town in Bourne Identity, you may have fallen in love yourself. Not because Matt Damon’s and his partner are both nice on the eyes, but because the couple’s surroundings looked like a Mediterranean fairy-tale come true. They were in fact on the little Greek island of Mykonos. This Greek oasis should be a must-visit for everyone. You can go there with us and discover the area’s treasures on one of our sailing holidays in Greece.

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin is a true Greek classic. The mixture of love, betrayal, moral decisions and more make this a must-see for all film fanatics. As you watch the drama play out, you will also find it hard to keep your eyes off the beauty and breathtaking scenery of the characters’ surroundings. Kefalonia plays host to the plot and it’s certainly a destination that any sailing enthusiast should add to their own narrative.

Shirley Valentine

The “Shirley Valentine Beach” has almost become as famous as the film itself. Fans of the screening and fans of sun-drenched beauty and relaxing vibes will travel for miles to encounter this famous landmark. The beach can be found Close to Mykonos Town in Agios Ioannis. We think every sailor’s compass should point here!

Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Tomb Raider may not be the first movie you think of when you conjure up the envious lifestyle of Santorini residents. Yet, this action hero made it to this Cyclades island. This detonation boasts a unique landscape due to volcanic eruptions and whitewashed picturesque towns and villages. If you choose to stop off in Santorini on your next sailing holiday, look out for gorgeous white and red lava pebbles.

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